IT Solutions for Growing Businesses in Chicago

Redefined IT solutions for growing businesses.

BlūLīn IT was created with one goal in mind: providing superlative IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that are growing and need their technology to work, period. Having done extensive consulting work in the field, we couldn’t help but notice that these businesses seem to be stuck either with insufficient IT support or with an oversized, generic solution that doesn’t fit their unique needs. Clearly, we had our work cut out for us.

At BlūLīn IT, we want to help you focus on what you do best—running your business. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to troubleshoot computer issues, trust your hardware, Internet, networking, and security needs to our team of experts. Our on-site IT consulting services will help minimize your downtime and frustration, helping you get the most from your IT infrastructure. As a BlūLīn client, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that one of our responsive and approachable computer experts is always just a phone call or mouse click away. Let our 19 years of consulting experience make a difference for your business, as it has for many others.

Oh, and what’s going on with our name, you may ask—what happened to the ‘e’s? Our name is part loving reference to our Chicagoland home, part proof that we’re not afraid to think outside the box when solving problems for our clients. Plus, when we’re so busy helping businesses function better, who has the time to type out two extra ‘e’s every time we write our name?!

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