Case Study: Hotel Compete


Hotel Compete just moved their business from Milwaukee to Chicago and needed a local IT partner. More importantly, their business was expanding and they needed a strategic advisor to help them through the next phase of growth.

The client conducted an extensive search for an IT support company, meeting with a dozen different providers, and selected us in the process!

IT Needs & Pain Points

The client’s expansion meant that they needed more processing power and more server infrastructure for their backend database. They needed general support for their office technology (servers, networks, desktops, etc.), plus they needed to purchase a big new server.

The client wanted to retain control over their environment, because an alternative like Amazon Web Services was going to be very expensive. They needed someone to maintain their network and be available to call upon as they were entering into agreements with their clients.

They also wanted to avoid ever having any significant downtime due to technical issues.

Our Solution

Instead of reaching out randomly when they have trouble, we decided that the best way to move forward with Hotel Compete was to put together a managed service agreement. That way, if there’s an issue, we would be aware of it and ready to handle it immediately.

On the front end, we worked out how to setup the network infrastructure, manage bandwidth, implement remote access, and virtual servers for better utilization of hardware investments.

On the back end, we did work on setting up and maintaining the servers. We had some recommendations on how to resolve bottlenecks to speed up the system overall. We also discussed other efficiencies, what would improve their consistency, and hardware acquisition and installation.


By virtualizing their servers, Hotel Compete was able to reduce the investment they needed to make in hardware. The more complex the client grew, the more complex the IT system they had to manage.

Overall, we were able to build in more flexibility so that the client has the option to expand faster, if they need to. They no longer need to wait for hardware when they bring in new clients.

We are also doing ongoing consulting as new issues come up. When Hotel Compete moved to new location, they got fiber but weren’t getting the bandwidth they paid for. We went back and forth with the vendor, helping them straighten out the issue.

Working With Us

“Matt covers everything for us. He answers my dumb questions, responds promptly and knows exactly how things work here and why. Thus IT is just something I never worry about,” said the owner of the business.

We were happy to handle the purchasing of the new server for the client, and getting them a product with the specs they needed, at a decent price. The business was uncertain about the purchase of this piece of equipment, but our expertise set their minds at ease.

The client appreciated our help on these challenges.

“If you seek a trustworthy, hardworking and intelligent IT support staff, BlūLīn IT is the way to go. Matt and his team will never tell you ‘no,’ they will just get things done. They always act with your best interest in mind. I put choosing BlūLīn IT among the 10 best business decisions I have ever made.”