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No Industry is Immune

Over 169 million personal records were exposed in 2015, stemming from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors.


SMBs Are Often Too Lax

Last year, even fewer SMBs (29%) used standard tools like configuration and patching to prevent security breaches, compared with 39% who did so in the year before.


Lack of Security Costs More

The average cost of a corporate data breach has increased over the last few years, to $3.5 million.

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So what can you do to arm your business against data breaches?

Keeping your data secure is part minding the details and part having the vision to look ahead and anticipate dangers before they happen. Data security best practices run the gamut from as boring as backing up your servers for extra redundancy, to as cutting edge as staying on top of the latest newsworthy phishing attacks.

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– BRB Development LLC

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